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Caraval Review


Glittering, mysterious, topsy-turvy, magical… all words that spring to mind when I reflect back on Caraval by Stephanie Garber.  Two sisters held captive by an abusive father.  Scarlett dreams of a magical game her grandmother used to tell her about, in the hopes that they can escape their terrible lives.

Ok, things I liked: the romance, the descriptions of emotions as various colors (I constantly feel like I should rate my feelings at any moment now by a particular shade), the constant surprises, the fact that I never got bored or felt the story began to drag, the whimsical feeling throughout the whole story, and the absence of bad language and sex scenes.

Things I didn’t like: I could barely keep up with certain characters (one minute they’re good, the next they’re bad, then they’re an ally, etc) and the clues in the game didn’t really seem to lead anywhere.  I’ve read some reviews that said the person didn’t like the flowery, whimsical way the author wrote but personally, I loved that.  It made it all seem a bit more magical, even though it may not have made a whole lot of sense.

Four stars

Recommended for: anyone who liked The Night Circus or YA fantasy, in general.