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Talking As Fast As I Can


Can Lauren Graham be my best friend??  I mean, seriously.  This book is like sitting down with her over coffee and learning about her life. I giggled my way through it but she also shares some bits of wisdom that I really valued.  Her chapter about her boyfriend, Peter, was also on what it was like to be single for so long as all of her friends got married and had babies.  I loved her advice that she gave at the end of the chapter.  Also, she basically IS Lorelai Gilmore.

Things I Liked:  It is hilarious (I read most of it during down time at work and had to struggle not to laugh out loud multiple times), Lauren is surprisingly unHollywood (discussing her personal dislike of doing nude scenes and plastic surgery), fans of Gilmore Girls and Parenthood are treated to some behind the scenes thoughts and stories (I could literally hear the last song playing from the end of Gilmore Girls as she described it and almost started crying), and it’s a quick and easy read.

Things I Didn’t Like: A couple of chapters ramble a bit and it probably would have been a bit better as an audiobook.

Four Stars

Recommended For:  Honestly, fans of Gilmore Girls are probably the only ones who will appreciate this book.  Otherwise, you would be completely lost during a couple of chapters.  Now, please excuse me while I go rewatch the entire series.  Again.


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