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Be Frank With Me

Be Frank

A young woman is hired to be the personal assistant to a famous author decades after her first and only book.  Her job mostly entails taking care of the author’s son, a precocious and odd 9 year old boy named Frank.  Not only born in the wrong decade (and dresses accordingly), Frank is smarter than pretty much anyone in the room and seems to have autistic tendencies (although this is never discussed in the book).

What I Liked: At times, Frank was unintentionally hilarious and if they chose an adorable child to play him in a movie, I can see myself liking him so much more than I did.

What I Didn’t Like: The storyline was rather slow and not much really happens in the book, almost every character was unlikeable at times (even Frank), and the story just seems to cut off at the end instead of having any real resolution.

Three Stars (although in hindsight, it is really more like two and a half stars, but Goodreads doesn’t allow halves)

Recommended for:  Fans of old musicals or movies from the 1930’s



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