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A Mother’s Reckoning


“I hated what he had done, but I still loved my son.”  This sums up this book in a sentence.  It is heartbreaking, moving, powerful, and a great addition to anyone who has already read Columbine by Dave Cullen.  Columbine was a fascinating book for so many reasons, but one that stood out to me was the complexity of the two shooters.  One was a textbook psychopath but the other was a shy, insecure, sweet guy who was completely in love with a girl he had never talked to and felt that he had nothing to live for.  I had so much trouble understanding how he became the guy who brutally shot people at the end of his life.  There are so many theories about this and we’ll probably never know for certain.

Things I Liked: The depths of a mother’s love bleed onto every page of this book.  It’s a beautiful thing to read, even despite all of the pain he has caused others, to see such unconditional love on display.  I also loved all of the stories and anecdotes she offered about Dylan that show his humanity while still acknowledging the devastating choices he made.

Things I Didn’t Like:  The book runs a little long on the suicide prevention information; it’s very important but it felt repeated over and over. In fact, it felt like several things and stories were repeated, which is more of an indication that she is not a journalist – just a mother sharing her story.

Four Stars

Recommended for: anyone who has read Columbine or is interested in the subject, anyone going thorough a difficult grieving process.


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