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Behind Her Eyes

Behind Her Eyes

The marketing for this book was #WTFthatending and I completely get it now.  It’s the main reason I picked the book up.  I love a book that can really surprise me with a good twist, and this one certainly does that.  Although to be honest, I had about a dozen theories as the book went on and one of them turned out to be the ending.  But it was still a little shocking because it was so twisted.  A woman meets a man at a bar who turns out to be her new boss.  Then she becomes friends with his wife while carrying on an affair with him.  That alone is twisted.  Add to that the craziness that is this story, and it’s hard to wrap your mind around everything.

What I Liked: Surprises at every turn, it hooks you completely in (I read it in two days, I could barely put it down.  I just HAD to know what happened!), it’s easy to read.

What I Didn’t Like: It’s a little twisted and dark (for some people, that’s a positive thing though), and as shocking as the ending is, it’s also a little “out there”; definitely not grounded in reality.

Three stars.

Recommended for: Fans of psychological thrillers and supernatural elements.


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